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Disney's Hot Lead and Cold Feet

Hot Lead and Cold Feet

G | 90 min | Wednesday, July 5, 1978

Cast: Jim Dale, Darren McGavin and Karen Valentine

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  • Movie Description

    The 1978 Walt Disney Productions western comedy, Hot Lead, Cold Feet features several familiar faces, including Jim Dale, Don Knotts, Darren McGavin and Karen Valentine. Robert Butler directed, a job he had performed on other Disney productions, including The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

    Jim Dale pulls triple duty as Eli Bloodshy, founder of a wild-and-wooly western town, as well as portraying his twin sons, Jasper and Wild Billy. Upon Eli's apparent death, the sons, unaware of each other's existence until they both show up to claim their inheritance. A train race is planned to determine the "winner" of Eli's legacy. The two sons are polar opposites: One is a pious city slicker, prone to Biblical quotes, while the other (Wild Billy, naturally) is a hot-tempered, gunslinging drunk.

    The twins discover that family does matter and settle their differences, but now have to deal with the town's greedy, corrupt mayor (McGavin) for control of the town.

    Genre: Action Western

    Disney Movie Rating:

    71 out of 100. Total of 15 votes.

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