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Disney's Hounded


G | 92 min | Friday, April 13, 2001

Cast: Tahj Mowry, Shia LaBeouf, Craig Kirkwood, Ed Begley Jr.

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  • Movie Description

    Thirteen year-old Jay Martin’s life is no walk in the park. Jay finds himself competing against Ronny Van Dusen, the headmaster’s son, for the only scholarship to Peterson Academy. If Jay does not win the scholarship, it is off to military school, his worst nightmare. When the headmaster steals Jay’s speech for his son, Jay breaks into the Van Dusen’s pool house while they are away. Everything is going great until Jay finds Camille, the Van Dusen’s show dog has followed him home. Havoc breaks loose when the dog begins to go crazy after having gone too long without her medication. The excitement and adventure just get better from here as unexpected twists unfold. Will Jay receive the scholarship or will he be sent to military school and charged with stealing the Van Dusen’s dog? Your child is sure to love this exciting tale.

    Genre: Comedy Disney Channel Dogs Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    71.41 out of 100. Total of 128 votes.

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