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Disney's Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle

PG | 119 min | Friday, June 10, 2005

Cast: Voices by Chieko Baisho, Takuya Kimura, Akihiro Miwa, Tatsuya Gashuin

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  • Movie Description

    When the wicked Witch of the Waste casts a spell on beautiful, young Sophie Hatter, Sophie's loveliness is exchanged for that of an old, wrinkled, decrepted one. Sophie escapes to the hills where she finds a magical moving castle and befriends its fire-breathing dragon, Calcifer. With the help of Howl, the castle's wizard, Sophie may be able to break the spell and recover her lost beauty.

    Genre: Action Adventure Animated

    Disney Movie Rating:

    83.5 out of 100. Total of 18 votes.

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