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Disney's I-Man


NR | 96 min | Sunday, April 6, 1986

Cast: Scott Bakula, Ellen Bry, Joey Cramer

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  • Movie Description

    Starring Scott Bakula, Joey Cramer and Ellen Bry, I-Man is a rare venture by the Disney Company into the sci-fi genre. Directed by Corey Allen, I-Man is a quirky film involving NASA, possible alien contamination, body regeneration and a shadowy millionaire with an unscrupulous agenda.

    Bakula portrays a cab driver struggling to deal with the recent death of his wife and facing the trials of raising his son on his own. When a NASA transport truck crashes, both father and son accidentally become exposed to the contents of a canister, setting the story into motion. An explosion nearly kills the father, but his serious injuries miraculously heal themselves to the amazement of doctors who are at a loss to explain the incident. Soon afterwards, the son also demonstrates "inhuman" abilities and along with government agents, become involved on a mission to prevent a reclusive millionaire from wreaking destruction with secret weapons hijacked from a military transport.

    Genre: Adventure Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    62.6 out of 100. Total of 7 votes.

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