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Disney's Island at the Top of the World, The

Island at the Top of the World, The

NR | 93 min | Friday, December 20, 1974

Cast: David Hartman, Donald Sinden and Jacques Marin

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  • Movie Description

    A combination drama/adventure/science fiction/period piece could be the description for the 1974 Disney production, The Island at the Top Of the World. Produced and directed by (respectively) Disney veterans Winston Hibler and Robert Stevenson, the film chronicles the efforts of a British aristocrat's expedition to the Arctic to try and locate his missing son. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, until the searcher's mode of travel is revealed: A dirigible.

    Multiple adventures accost the intrepid party along the way, not the least being the discovery of an uncharted island occupied by lost Vikings. If that weren't dramatic enough, the party later encounters the legendary "Whales Graveyard" and undergoes a series of terrifying attacks by killer whales.

    The film is based on the Ian Cameron novel, The Lost Ones, and stars an international cast, including Donald Sinden, David Hartman, Jacques Marin and Mako. Maurice Jarre provides a suitably dramatic, stirring musical score.

    Genre: Adventure Fantasy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    74.3 out of 100. Total of 14 votes.

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