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Disney's Johnny Tsunami

Johnny Tsunami

G | 88 min | Saturday, July 24, 1999

Cast: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Brandon Baker, Mary Page Keller

Movie Description

The Disney Channel Original Movie, Johnny Tsunami, combines surfing and skiing to produce an entertaining hour-and-a-half which eventually produced a sequel, Johnny Kapahala: Back On Board.

Thoroughly happy in his native Hawaii, with great friends and a supportive family, Johnny Kapahala's life is suddenly flipped when his father gets a job transfer to Vermont, not exactly a hotbed of surf and sun. It quickly becomes apparent that his new town is neatly divided between skiiers and snowboarders, and after a difficult adjustment, Johnny joins in with the snowboarders, primarily because it more closely resembles surfing.

When Johnny's new best friend, Sam, learns that he and his family are about to move to Iceland, Johnny and Sam take the desperate step to stow away on a cargo plane to Hawaii to visit Johnny's grandfather and namesake, Johnny Tsunami, who happens to be a surfing legend. Eventually, the three return to Vermont, where the grandfather plays a pivotal role in making peace between the rival factions.

Genre: Disney Channel Drama Sports

Disney Movie Rating:

82.07 out of 100. Total of 60 votes.

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