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Disney's Journey of Natty Gann, The

Journey of Natty Gann, The

PG | 101 min | Friday, September 27, 1985

Cast: Meredith Salenger, John Cusack, Ray Wise

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  • Movie Description

    After pounding the pavement along the rough streets of Chicago in search of work during the Great Depression, Sol Gann finally finds employment opportunity with a logging company.in Washington. Faced with the decision to remain jobless in Chicago with his daughter Natty or leave her behind in hopes of making a stable home for her later in Washington, Sol decides to leave Natty behind. Natty runs away from Chicago and meets another abandoned soul named Harry who sets out to help her reunite with her father on a bittersweet adventure.

    Genre: Adventure

    Disney Movie Rating:

    83.23 out of 100. Total of 109 votes.

    Notable Cast

    This film does not yet have notable Disney actors/actresses associated with it.

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