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Disney's Jumping Ship

Jumping Ship

G | 93 min | Friday, August 17, 2001

Cast: Joey Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence

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  • Movie Description

    The Lawrence brothers do a splashing job in this Walt Disney Studios film. Cousins Michael (Joseph Lawrence) and Tommy (Andrew Lawrence) must abandon their chartered boat when they find themselves being chased by modern day pirates. The boys find that "jumping ship" is their best bet at surviving the pirates. Now, finding themselves on a deserted island, the cousins, along with their capitan, must work together if they want to survive and be rescued.

    This is a sequel to the Disney Channel film, Horse Sense.

    Genre: Adventure Comedy Disney Channel

    Disney Movie Rating:

    77.04 out of 100. Total of 157 votes.

    Notable Cast

    This film does not yet have notable Disney actors/actresses associated with it.

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