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Disney's Kidnapped


PG | 95 min | Wednesday, February 24, 1960

Cast: Peter Finch, James MacArthur, and Bernard Lee

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  • Movie Description

    Based on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novel, the 1960 Disney film, Kidnapped, is an exciting, action-filled adventure that remains fairly true to the novel. Standout performances by Oscar-winners Peter Finch and Peter O'Toole are spot on, and James MacArthur as the film's main character David Balfour lends just the right amount of innocence and youth to his role.

    Standing to inherit a sizable amount of money from his recently deceased father, Balfour winds up being double-crossed by his uncle and discovers he's been sold into indentured servitude and is to be shipped to America. A fortuitous shipwreck causes a change of plan with his captors, and he eventually is befriended and teams up with Stewart, a Scottish loyalist who is planned to be killed for his money by the murderous crew. Surviving several close calls, the pair escape back to England, where with Stewart's help, Balfour claims his rightful inheritance.

    Genre: Adventure Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    61.43 out of 100. Total of 30 votes.

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