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Disney's Legend of Lobo, The

Legend of Lobo, The

G | 69 min | Wednesday, November 7, 1962

Cast: Rex Allen, Sons of the Pioneers

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  • Movie Description

    Films about animals have long been a Disney trademark, and 1962's The Legend of Lobo delivers all of the wholesome, family-oriented entertainment viewers have come to expect. 

    Delivered as a narrative, "Lobo" follows a family of wolves in the wild as the parents attempt to teach their young how to survive in a sometimes harsh world. Beautifully filmed and edited, the scenes of gray wolves engaging in various activities such as chasing rabbits and antelopes, discovering nature's wonders, and young wolf pups playing are certain to capture audience's emotions. The underlying theme of loyalty and family is constantly reinforced, and by the film's conclusion the viewer finds themselves shamelessly on the wolve's side as they attempt to outwit the obligatory "villain", the bounty hunters.

    Obviously aimed at a younger audience, The Legend of Lobo at times resorts to typical cliches and predictability, but all in all is a very enjoyable and inspirational movie.

    Genre: Adventure Dogs

    Disney Movie Rating:

    76.4 out of 100. Total of 56 votes.

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