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Disney's Lilo and Stitch 2: Stich Has a Glitch

Lilo and Stitch 2: Stich Has a Glitch

PG | 68 min | Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cast: Voices by William J. Caparella, Tia Carrere, Holliston Coleman, Mat Corboy, Dakota Fanning

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  • Movie Description

    Stitch has a Glitch Lilo and Stitch enjoy a merry, little life until Stitch begins to experience some abnormal behavior which indicates his alien programming is running amuck. While Stitch is fighting his private battle, Lilo hulas her way toward a hula championship to honor her late mother's memory. When Stitch's malfunctions begin to destroy Lilo's chances of winning the competition, their friendship begins to seriously strain. Can their love for one another survive over their love for themselves?

    Genre: Animated Comedy Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    72.83 out of 100. Total of 167 votes.

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