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Disney's Littlest Outlaw, The

Littlest Outlaw, The

NR | 73 min | Thursday, December 22, 1955

Cast: edro Armend

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  • Movie Description

    With an almost all-Mexican cast and filmed entirely "South-of-the-Border" the 1955 Walt Disney-produced The Littlest Outlaw relates the tale of little ten-year-old Pablito, the son of a cruel, primitive horse trainer. When the father's training methods with a Mexican general's horse run afoul, the general orders the horse be put to death.

    Pablito, having grown attached to the horse, runs away with the animal and flees across Mexico where he encounters many new adventures. With the help of a kindly priest, Pablito trains the horse properly, only to have it "horse-napped" and put to work as a bullfighter's horse. Pablito and the priest manage to track down the horse, and in a thrilling climax, rescue the animal just in the nick of time.

    The film features some breath-taking scenes of expert equestrianism, and is well-acted. The bullfighting scenes are very realistic, with a minimum of violence, somewhat surprising for the era.

    Genre: Adventure Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    70.48 out of 100. Total of 18 votes.

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