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Disney's Meet the Deedles

Meet the Deedles

PG | 93 min | Friday, March 27, 1998

Cast: Paul Walker, Steve Van Wormer and A.J. Langer

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  • Movie Description

    In what was apparently an attempt to latch onto the "buzz" created by the success of similarly-themed "buddy" films such as Dumb and Dumber, the Walt Disney Pictures 1998 comedy, Meet the Deedles pairs Paul Walker and Steve Van Wormer as twin surfing bum slackers.

    Living off of their considerably wealthy father in Hawaii, the brothers "cross the line" once too often and are subsequently shipped off to a boot camp in Wyoming to get straightened out. Instead, the brothers, with the unintended assistance of a somewhat fortuitous auto accident, adopt different identities which lead to a never-ending series of predictable calamities, all caused by the twins' cluelessness.

    This stoner "fish-out-of-water" storyline has been done before, and much more effectively, but the laughs are frequent, and the gratuitous pop-culture references are certain to amuse the primary audience, who no doubt will identify completely with the main characters.

    Dennis Hopper, who was perhaps the original "stoner" more than three decades earlier in Easy Rider, is in the cast.

    Genre: Comedy Sports

    Disney Movie Rating:

    59.64 out of 100. Total of 48 votes.

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