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Disney's Melody Time

Melody Time

NR | 75 min | Thursday, May 27, 1948

Cast: Roy Rogers, Trigger, Dennis Day, Laverne Andrews, Maxene Andrews

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  • Movie Description

    Consisting of seven segments and the tenth of the Walt Disney Animated Classic series is 1948's Melody Time. Featuring popular and folk music, Melody Time stars several notable performers of the era, including Roy Rogers, Dennis Day, Frances Langford, Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians, Freddy Martin and the legendary Sons of the Pioneers.

    Several of the individual segments were later released on their own as "shorts" and in some instances were more successful than the original film. One of the most popular was "Bumble Boogie" which follows a lone bee as it encounters the familiar and thrilling classical piece "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakov as performed by Martin and his orchestra.

    Roy Rogers narrates and sings in "Pecos Bill", the tale of the legendary Texas cowboy who along with his horse Widowmaker has thrilled schoolchildren for decades.

    Other segments in Melody Time are Once Upon a Wintertime, Trees, The Legend of Johnny Appleseed, Blame It On the Samba and Little Toot.

    Genre: Animated Musical

    Disney Movie Rating:

    76.08 out of 100. Total of 75 votes.

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