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Disney's Monsters University

Monsters University

G | 104 min | Friday, June 21, 2013

Cast: John Goodman, Billy Crystal

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    The prequel to the smash animated comedy hit, "Monsters, Inc.," is "Monsters University," which takes place roughly ten years prior to the original and relates the story of how the film's two main characters first met.

    We meet college-bound Mike Wazowski as he prepares to further his education at fabled "Monsters University" (MU). From childhood, Mike has dreamed of someday becoming a "Scarer," (the epitome of monsterdom) which happens to be MU's curriculum specialty. One of his first acquaintances at MU, Sulley, turns out to be not only a B.M.O.C,. but is also the absolute definition of a "Scarer." Both are competitive to a fault, which leads to the pair being expelled from MU's distinguished "Scare Program." Chastened, but now forced to either "toe the line" or abandon their dreams, the duo are thrown together with several other misfit wanna-be "Scarers" as they attempt to regain their formerly elite status.

    As in the original, several noted performers reprise their original voice roles, including Billy Crystal (Mike) and John Goodman (Sulley), along with Sean Hayes, Helen Mirren, Steve Buscemi and Joel Murray. Dan Scanlon, veteran Pixar animator and storyboard artist, directed.

    Genre: 3D Animated Blu-ray Comedy Pixar

    Disney Movie Rating:

    82.07 out of 100. Total of 327 votes.

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