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Disney's Moon Spinners, The

Moon Spinners, The

G | 118 min | Wednesday, July 8, 1964

Cast: Hayley Mills, Eli Wallach and Pola Negri

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  • Movie Description

    A young girl's vacation adventure with her aunt to Crete turns suspenseful in the 1964 Walt Disney Productions The Moon Spinners. Disney favorite Hayley Mills stars in the fifth of her six featured roles for the studio.

    The "Moon Spinners" is the name of a small inn where a jewel thief (Eli Wallach) is hiding out, trying to avoid mysterious "persons of interest," while arranging the sale of the purloined jewels to a wealthy woman, portrayed by Pola Negri, famed silent film star.

    Mills becomes involved with Peter McInery, who is intent on retrieving the stolen jewels, and Mills' finds herself mixed up with assorted goings-on while trying to be supportive of McInery, with whom she's fallen in love. Joan Greenwood, as Mills' aunt, is effective, if slightly underused.

    Filmed primarily on location, the background scenery is lush and beautifully framed, almost distractedly so at times.

    Negri was reportedly coerced by Disney personally to be in the film, her first on-screen appearance in 21 years.

    Genre: Mystery Romantic

    Disney Movie Rating:

    80.22 out of 100. Total of 34 votes.

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