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Disney's North Avenue Irregulars, The

North Avenue Irregulars, The

G | 100 min | Friday, February 9, 1979

Cast: Edward Herrmann, Barbara Harris and Susan Clark

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  • Movie Description

    Edward Herrman, Barbara Harris, Susan Clark and Karen Valentine star in Disney's 1978 comedy, The North Avenue Irregulars. Bruce Bilson directed, with production duties handled by Ron W. Miller.

    Herrman, newly-installed minister at North Avenue Presbyterian, implements radical changes among his congregation when he appoints several women to positions previously staffed by males. Subsequently, disaster strikes early when the lady made Director of Finances informs Herrman that her gambling husband has lost all the church's funds betting on the horses. Predictably, things only turn worse after that.

    Herrman then becomes involved in a "sting" operation with federal agents attempting to expose and shut down a local bookie operation. This leads to the gamblers seeking retribution, mainly by bombing the church. The women come to the rescue however, and in the end, all is well once more.

    The North Avenue Irregulars also features such familiar faces as Cloris Leachman, Alan Hale, Jr.,Michael Constantine, and, in her final film appearance, Patsy Kelly.

    Genre: Action Comedy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    79.6 out of 100. Total of 14 votes.

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