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Disney's Northern Lights

Northern Lights

NR | 111 min | Saturday, August 23, 1997

Cast: Diane Keaton, Maury Chaykin

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  • Movie Description

    Notable on several fronts, not the least being the very first Disney Channel Original Movie, 1997's Northern Lights is not your standard Disney fare. Starring Academy-Award winning actress Diane Keaton, Northern Lights relates a bizarre little tale about a middle-aged woman (Keaton) who gets caught up in the investigation into the death of her (also) mysterious younger brother. Per the brother's last request, she is given joint custody of her unknown-until-now 9-year-old nephew, and understandably, her life changes dramatically, forcing her to come to grips with her own "coming-of-age." Comic relief is provided in the efforts of Keaton and the brother's college friend (Maury Chaykin) as the two attempt to pass off custody to the other.

    Well-acted (especially by Joseph Cross as Jack, the nephew), Northern Lights is directed by Linda Yellen, a veteran of made-for-TV productions, including Parallel Lives, The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana, and Playing For Time.

    Genre: Disney Channel Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    64.29 out of 100. Total of 23 votes.

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