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Disney's Old Dogs

Old Dogs

PG | 88 min | Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cast: Robin Williams, John Travolta

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  • Movie Description

    From the director of "Wild Hogs" comes a comedy sure to make every family member laugh. Best friends and bachelors Charlie (John Travolta) and Dan (Robin Williams) are about to have their worlds turned upside down when they are put in charge of taking care of six year-old twins, while at the same time trying to close a new business deal. Join the stellar cast of Matt Dillon, Seth Green, Bernie Mac and Kelly Preston as they embark on a new adventure full of debacles and a realization of what is truly important in life.

    Genre: Blu-ray Comedy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    71.4 out of 100. Total of 197 votes.

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