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Disney's Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist

UR | 91 min | Sunday, November 16, 1997

Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Elijah Wood, David O'Hara

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  • Movie Description

    Charles Dickens' celebrated novel comes to life in the Walt Disney Television production of Oliver Twist, the timeless tale of an orphan (Twist) and his adventures on the less-than-favorable streets of mid-1800s London. The made-for-television production is directed by Tony Bill and stars Richard Dreyfuss, Alex Trench and Elijah Wood.

    First forced to toil in a workhouse, then apprenticed to an undertaker, young Oliver (Trench) runs away to London, only to fall in with a band of roving pickpockets, including the colorful Artful Dodger (Wood). Naively unaware of the criminal element he's become part of, Oliver is introduced to Fagin (Dreyfuss), the group's leader, a career criminal who provides housing and meals to his young charges in exchange for their services in street crime.

    Oliver eventually realizes what he's gotten himself into and makes a determined effort to escape the group, only to discover it's not as easy as it appears. Tricked by Fagin into participating in one more caper in order to gain his freedom, Oliver instead is wounded in a botched robbery and through fate, winds up becoming the ward of the very people he intended to rob.

    Genre: Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    67.9 out of 100. Total of 5 votes.

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