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Disney's Pete's Dragon

Pete's Dragon

PG | 103 min | Friday, August 12, 2016

Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Wes Bentley, Robert Redford

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    An orphaned boy soon realizes that there are some secrets are too big to keep, especially if it is a towering, fire-breathing dragon! A reimagining of one of Disney’s most cherished family film, ‘Pete’s Dragon’ follows the story of Pete and his not-so-ordinary best friend Elliot – a stealthy, flying dragon.

    For many years, legend has it that deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest lurks a ferocious dragon – so as told by Mr. Meacham (played by Robert Redford) to all the wide-eyed local children who find delight in hearing his stories. However, for his daughter Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard) who happens to be a forest ranger, dismisses her dad’s story as a mere, entertaining urban legend. All of this changed when Grace met a peculiar, 10-year old boy named Pete (Oakes Fegley). With no family and home to call his own, Pete claims that the forest’s gentle, green giant by the name of Elliot is the closest that he has for a family. Amazingly, based on Pete’s description, Elliot is very much similar to the dragon that it is at the center of Mr. Meacham’s stories. Determined to unravel the secret of Elliot, Grace asks the help of 11-year old Natalie (Oona Laurence) whose father Jack (Wes Bentley) owns the local lumber mill. The team sets out to get to the bottom of the mysterious green dragon, knowing where it allegedly came from, and finding Elliot before he gets into trouble with the local townsfolk.

    Genre: Action Adventure Blu-ray Fantasy

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