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Disney's Planes: Fire Rescue

Planes: Fire Rescue

PG | 83 min | Friday, July 18, 2014

Cast: Dane Cook, Julie Bowen

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    Planes: Fire & Rescue, the sequel to Planes, the wildly successful 3D computer-animated film from Walt Disney Pictures, features many of the same voice cast from the original, including Dane Cook and Curtis Armstrong. The film is produced by DisneyToon Studios and directed by Bobs Gannaway.

    Cook reprises the role of Dusty Crophopper, but his career as a famous air racer is in peril due to engine issues and he's forced to begin a new one as a wildfire rescue plane. This new career is fraught with danger but Dusty finds a capable mentor in Blade Ranger, an experienced and accomplished fire and rescue helicopter who is the leader of a fearless and impressive fleet of aerial vehicles who travel wherever they're needed to extinguish wildfires.

    Dusty takes some time to adapt to his new vocation, but with the aid of Blade Ranger and his decorated team, he soon learns the skills necessary to become a valuable component of the heroic firefighters.

    Genre: Action Adventure Animated Blu-ray Comedy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    72.76 out of 100. Total of 22 votes.

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