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Disney's Fighting Prince of Donegal, The

Fighting Prince of Donegal, The

NR | 110 min | Saturday, October 1, 1966

Cast: Peter McEnery, Susan Hampshire and Tom Adams

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  • Movie Description

    Filmed in England and remarkably "real-to-life" in terms of wardrobe, dialogue and background, Walt Disney Productions' 1966 action film, The Fighting Prince of Donegal relates the tale of Hugh O'Donnell, a sixteenth-century Irish lad instrumental in uniting his clansmen against British oppression and rule. Directed by the esteemed Michael O'Herlihy and adapted from Robert T. Reilly's novel, Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal, the film provides nearly non-stop action for its' entire 112 minutes.

    Starring some familiar faces, including Peter McEnery (in the title role), Susan Hampshire and Gordon Jackson, The Fighting Prince of Donegal is more than laden with dueling sabres and jousters, a thrilling castle siege and hot-blooded clansmen fighting for the Emerald Isle as the bagpipes drive them on.

    Obviously directed at a younger audience, the film nonetheless is certain to entertain viewers of all ages. The lush English countryside with greenery and misty moats offer a treat for the eyes.

    Genre: Adventure

    Disney Movie Rating:

    76.8 out of 100. Total of 15 votes.

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