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Disney's Prom


PG | 104 min | Sunday, April 29, 2001

Cast: Aimee Teegarden, Nicholas Braun, Dean Norris, Danielle Campbell, Cameron Monaghan, Christine Elise

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  • Movie Description

    Walt Disney Pictures Prom hopes to follow the same successful path as recent "teen" hits such as High School Musical and Glee. In this case however, rather than a "song-and-dance" production, Prom focuses on the lead-up to that time-honored adolescent tradition, the high school prom.

    The cast will be somewhat familiar, with Aimee Teegarden of Friday Night Lights, Danielle Campbell of Starstruck, Jared Kusnitz of Surviving Suburbia and Yin Chang of Gossip Girl in featured roles. Other noted cast members include Nicholas Braun, Dean Norris and Christine Elise.

    Prom is scripted by Katie Wech, formerly a writer for The Dead Zone. Joe Nussbaum, whose previous efforts include Sleepover and Sydney White, is the director of Prom.

    As in nearly every film of this genre, expect the typical characterizations: the cheerleader, the jock, the princess, the outcasts and the nerds. What could possibly be unique is the premise, although "Sixteen Candles" from the '80s comes to mind.

    Genre: Blu-ray Comedy Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    71.03 out of 100. Total of 634 votes.

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