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Disney's Quints


G | 83 min | Friday, August 18, 2000

Cast: Jesse Ray Brooks, Kimberly J. Brown and Tim Burd

Movie Description

Jamie Grover is an only child, and is beginning to chafe at what she considers to be excessive doting by her parents, so when her mother becomes pregnant, Jamie thinks her situation will improve. But then, her mother has quintuplets, and Jamie's forced to reassess her new role in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Quints.

Veteran Bill Corcoran deftly directs, and the film is notable for his employing the technique of having characters address the audience, or "breaking the fourth wall."

Kimberly J. Brown, who was featured in the first three Halloweentown films (also Disney Channel productions), is effective as the personable Jamie, while Dan Roebuck and Elizabeth Morehead as the parents turn in adequate performances. Also appearing is television comedic icon Don Knotts as the Governor.

Quints provides an interesting spin on the subject matter, and offers situations and solutions that dovetail nicely with the traditional Disney template of wholesome, feel-good entertainment.

Genre: Comedy Disney Channel

Disney Movie Rating:

75.44 out of 100. Total of 93 votes.

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