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Disney's Rascal


G | 85 min | Wednesday, June 11, 1969

Cast: Steve Forrest, Bill Mumy and Pamela Toll

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  • Movie Description

    Beautifully filmed in California, the 1969 Disney production, Rascal, is adapted from the 1963 Sterling North memoirs of his youth. Bill Mumy stars as the author who reminisces on his Wisconsin boyhood during the early 20th-century.

    A somewhat lonely, atypical teenager, Sterling spends his days outdoors in nature, feeling none of the social pressures that plague him. When he discovers and befriends a stray raccoon (whom he names 'Rascal'), Sterling learns that his life can definitely be enriched by this unusual relationship.

    Typical of most Disney animal adventures, there are ample shenanigans involving the raccoon in "human" surroundings, but Rascal never goes too far or strives for entertainment at the expense of the animal.

    Mumy was just coming off a four-year stint as young Will Robinson on the television series, Lost In Space, and was a familiar and popular face with audiences. Veteran actor Walter Pidgeon provided the voice for the "adult" Sterling North.

    Genre: Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    75.8 out of 100. Total of 14 votes.

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