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Disney's Ready to Run

Ready to Run

G | 96 min | Friday, July 14, 2000

Cast: Krystle Po, Jason Dohring and Lillian Hurst

Movie Description

Ready To Run is a Disney Channel Original Movie which relates the story of 14-year old Corrie Ortiz, a spirited girl whose dream is to become a thoroughbred racing jockey. Her quest is further complicated by her mother's vehement opposition to her aspirations.

Corrie has a strong rapport with horses, especially with Thunder Jam (TJ), a swift runner but reluctant to enter the starting gate. Corrie, working in TJ's stable, gains respect from the predominantly male race crew by discovering that TJ's reluctance can be controlled by placing headphones over the horse's ears prior to entering the gate. With his new-found confidence, TJ embarks on a winning streak.

TJ's regular jockey suffers injury during a race, giving Corrie her opportunity, but an opposing race team successfully petitions a protest which disallows TJ to wear his trademark headphones just before the season's final race.

Duwayne Dunham directs, while Krissy Perez sparkles as the feisty Corrie.

Genre: Disney Channel Sports

Disney Movie Rating:

78.94 out of 100. Total of 61 votes.

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