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Disney's Return to Snowy River

Return to Snowy River

PG | 110 min | Friday, April 15, 1988

Cast: Tom Burlinson, Sigrid Thornton and Brian Dennehy

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  • Movie Description

    The sequel to 1983's Man From Snowy River is 1988's Return to Snowy River, from Walt Disney Pictures.

    This Australian drama picks up where the original concluded, with Jim Craig, a horse breeder, returning to try and make amends with his former girlfriend. There is a problem however, her father. To further complicate Craig's dilemma, his ex has a wealthy suitor who her father fully approves of. The son of a local banker, the aspiring rich suitor soon ascertains that the girl, Jessica, is still smitten with Craig, and contracts a gang of local rowdies to steal Craig's horses. This plot backfires when the locals learn of it, being honorable law-abiding citizens. Subsequently, the locals side with Craig and justice is eventually served.

    Tom Burlinson as Craig and Sigrid Thornton as Jessica reprise their roles from the original, while Brian Dennehy replaces Kirk Douglas in the role of the father.

    Genre: Adventure Drama Western

    Disney Movie Rating:

    76.99 out of 100. Total of 26 votes.

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