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Disney's Ride A Wild Pony

Ride A Wild Pony

G | 91 min | Thursday, December 25, 1975

Cast: Michael Craig, John Meillon and Robert Bettles

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  • Movie Description

    The 1975 Walt Disney Productions release, Ride a Wild Pony, is an adaptation of the James Aldridge novel, A Sporting Proposition. Directed by Jerome Courtland, Ride a Wild Pony was filmed in Australia.

    Set between the two World Wars, Ride a Wild Pony relates the story of a legal battle between a poor boy and a wealthy, but handicapped girl over ownership of a pony. The boy owns the pony originally, but it runs away only to be rescued by the girl's rancher father, who presents it to the girl. The boy spots the pony and claims it, leading to the legal wrangling.

    Despite the anger and animosity, the two children become friends, and eventually work out an amicable arrangement in which both of them have time with the pony.

    Ride a Wild Pony stars Robert Bettles and Eva Griffith as the two youngsters, with Michael Craig as the girl's father.

    Genre: Adventure Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    73.75 out of 100. Total of 16 votes.

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