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Disney's Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue

Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue

NR | 91 min | Saturday, February 27, 1954

Cast: Richard Todd, Glynis Johns and James Robertson Justice

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    Walt Disney Productions' 1953 presentation of Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue, captures all of the bravado and adventure of the early 18th Century skirmishes between the proud Highlanders and the ruling English monarchy, an era long a favorite of historians. With enough twists and subplots to satisfy any moviegoer, Rob Roy is a non-stop, broad-sworded, tartan-clad extravaganza.

    The Scottish rebellions, brought on by the English choosing a German as their new King, creates a legend in Rob Roy MacGregor, who leads a revolt against the Scottish army in an attempt to rectify this grievous wrong. Rob Roy's exploits, both on the battlefield and in the hearts of his countrymen, become almost mythical. The film builds to an emotional climax, with Rob Roy triumphantly entering London to the great acclaim of his supporters.

    Veteran British stage and screen performers head a stellar cast, including Richard Todd as the heroic Rob Roy, James Robertson Justice as his archrival the Duke of Argyll, and Michael Gough as the Duke of Montrose.

    Genre: Adventure Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    71.1 out of 100. Total of 35 votes.

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