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Disney's Saludos Amigos

Saludos Amigos

NR | 75 min | Monday, August 24, 1942

Cast: Lee Blair, Mary Blair, Pinto Colvig, and Walt Disney

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  • Movie Description

    Sixth in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series and the first of six Disney "package" films produced in the 1940's, Saludas Amigos (Hello, Friends in English) is an animated film consisting of four segments. Saludas Amigos was the result of a U.S. Department of State-commissioned goodwill tour of Central and South America by a group of artists and composers from the Disney Studios.

    Each of the segments begins with a live-action sequence showing the artists as they explore the region, drawing cartoons of local scenery and culture.

    Lake Titicaca, the first segment, features Donald Duck as he explores the famed Andes Mountains. Pedro, the second segment, follows the adventures of a small Chilean airplane. El Gaucho Goofy stars Disney character Goofy, portraying an American cowboy visiting the Argentine pampas to learn from his South American counterpart, the gaucho. The final segment, Aquarela do Brasil (Watercolor of Brazil), features the debut of Jose Carioca the parrot, who introduces Donald Duck to the native dance, the samba.

    Genre: Animated Fantasy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    72.86 out of 100. Total of 77 votes.

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