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Disney's Santa Buddies

Santa Buddies

G | 88 min | Monday, November 2, 2009

Cast: Craig Anton, Andrew Astor and Charisse Baker

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  • Movie Description

    Santa Buddies is a movie about The Buddies (a group of young puppies who have lost the Christmas spirit and believe Santa Paws and the naughty list are just stories told by their father to make them behave), Santa Claus's dog Santa Paws, and Puppy Paws (The Son Of Santa Paws). Santa Buddies is the fourth sequel to the popular children's movie "Air Bud". At the beginning of the movie Santa Paws and Santa Claus are examining the magic icicle, which is melting because people do not believe in Christmas anymore. Puppy Paws then decides to leave the north pole and pay one of the buddies (Budderball) a visit because Budderball is on the naughty list for eating the thanksgiving turkey. The Buddies then realize the error of their ways and do everything they can to help save the Christmas spirit.

    Genre: Adventure Blu-ray Christmas Dogs

    Disney Movie Rating:

    69.59 out of 100. Total of 111 votes.

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