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Disney's Savage Sam

Savage Sam

NR | 103 min | Saturday, June 1, 1963

Cast: Brian Keith, Tommy Kirk and Kevin Corcoran

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  • Movie Description

    Following a legend is never easy, and Disney's sequel to it's 1957 classic Old Yeller was the task facing Savage Sam, a Bluetick Coonhound and son of the incomparable Yeller.

    Just as loyal and courageous as his father, Sam loves nothing more than tracking bobcats and going hunting with the Coates brothers. When the boys' parents go away to visit a sick relative, the brothers are left alone. As fate would have it, the boys, along with a neighbor's daughter, are kidnapped by Indians, and a search party, organized by the boys' uncle, is soon on the trail. The oldest son, Travis, escapes his captors and is found with help from Sam's keen nose. The search party then manages to rescue the others and all is well once more.

    Reprising their original roles as the Coates brothers, Tommy Kirk and Kevin Corcoran head up the cast. Also appearing are Brian Keith, Marta Kristen, Jeff York and Slim Pickens.

    Genre: Adventure Dogs Western

    Disney Movie Rating:

    68.3 out of 100. Total of 21 votes.

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