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Disney's Scandalous John

Scandalous John

NR | 113 min | Tuesday, June 22, 1971

Cast: Brian Keith, Alfonso Arau and Michele Carey

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  • Movie Description

    John McCanless (Brian Keith) is the "modern" day equivalent of Don Quixote in Walt Disney Productions 1971 comedy, Scandalous John. Robert Butler, better known for television (The Untouchables, Gunsmoke, I Spy, Hill Street Blues), directed, while Alfonso Arau, Michele Carey, Rick Lenz and Harry Morgan co-star.

    Cranky John, a cantankerous former gunslinger, isn't adapting well to the "New" West. Between land speculators trying to buy his beloved land in order to build a dam, "soft" neighbors trying to convince him to sell, and his trusty ranch hand threatening to return to Mexico, John has about had his fill. He finally decides that if something needs to be done, he'll have to do it himself. With hardly a glance back, he takes on the "windmills" that he finds at practically every turn.

    Scandalous John is a bit quirky and uneven at times, but Butler's deft direction and Keith's intensity pull it through.

    Genre: Comedy Drama Western

    Disney Movie Rating:

    59.4 out of 100. Total of 9 votes.

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