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Disney's Shaggy Dog, The

Shaggy Dog, The

PG | 98 min | Friday, March 10, 2006

Cast: Tim Allen, Kristin Davis, Zena Grey, Spencer Breslin

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  • Movie Description

    Join comedian Tim Allen in this tail-wagging-fun classic Disney comedy. Workaholic attorney Dave Douglas (Allen) finds himself turned into a lovable dog after his daughter brings home a Tibetan sheepdog and it bites Dave. Now, Dave tries to uncover the mystery of the 300 year old sheepdog and fight off the evil Dr. Kozak. As his journey as man's best friend progresses, Dave discovers what it takes to be a great dad. This film also includes deleted scenes, bloopers, and a bark-along bonus feature sure to make you roll over laughing.

    Genre: Comedy Dogs Fantasy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    61.37 out of 100. Total of 115 votes.

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