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Disney's Sign of Zorro, The

Sign of Zorro, The

NR | 91 min | Saturday, June 11, 1960

Cast: Guy Williams, Henry Calvin and Gene Sheldon

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  • Movie Description

    The 1960 Disney movie, The Sign of Zorro, is a compilation of the initial 13 episodes of the Disney-produced television series which ran from 1957 to 1959.

    Guy Williams stars as the masked avenger, Don Diego de la Vega, who somehow manages to always save the day regardless of the obstacles or the overwhelming odds. By day, de la Vega is a mild-mannered intellectual, while at night he becomes his alter ego, Zorro, seeking out criminals and giving them their just rewards. His signature, which he leaves at the scenes of his derring-do, is a slash with his sword of the letter "Z."

    In The Sign of Zorro, the protagonist is Captain Monastario, the local commandante, a truly evil and manipulative man. Monastario is at least Zorro's equal as a swordsman, and his entire existence seems to revolve around capturing and unmasking Zorro. He nearly succeeds on several occasions, but our hero always perseveres in the end.

    Genre: Adventure Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    85.33 out of 100. Total of 42 votes.

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