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Disney's Snowball Express

Snowball Express

NR | 93 min | Friday, December 22, 1972

Cast: Dean Jones, Nancy Olson, Harry Morgan, and Keenan Wynn

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  • Movie Description

    Dean Jones, Nancy Olson, Harry Morgan, Keenan Wynn and Johnnie Whittaker star in Walt Disney's 1972 production, Snowball Express. Jones plays Johnny Baxter, a man who leaves his secure 9-to-5 office job in New York City, relocates his family to rural Colorado to take ownership of an inherited "lucrative" resort hotel only to discover that "lucrative" is a bit of an exaggeration: in fact, the hotel is ramshackle at best, with major renovations needed.

    Feeling he's made a terrible mistake, Baxter (Jones) comes upon an idea to turn the property and surrounding area into a ski lodge. Unable to secure financing, Baxter instead embarks on a series of schemes which miraculously work in his favor, and the ski lodge eventually becomes a reality.

    Apparently snakebit but also possessing a horse-shoe, Baxter manages to survive a series of near disasters, including the predictable "snowmobile-gone-awry" downhill race, avalanches and the eccentric but lovable townspeople.

    Genre: Comedy Sports

    Disney Movie Rating:

    77.38 out of 100. Total of 58 votes.

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