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Disney's Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

G | 90 min | Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cast: Ariel Winter, Darcy Rose Byrnes and Sara Ramirez

Movie Description

Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess is an animated Disney Channel Original Movie that introduces viewers to Sofia, an average girl whose life becomes a real-life fairytale when her mother marries the King of Enchancia. Sofia is now a Princess, and adapting to a life of royalty is her newest adventure. Upon moving into the Royal Castle, she learns that expectations of her have changed now that she is no longer an "average girl." To assist her, the three headmistresses of Royal Prep Academy set about teaching her the proper "royal" ways, at which she eventually becomes adept. She even receives a surprise visit from the Ultimate Princess, Cinderella, who generously advises her.

Sofia is befriended by a wisecracking rabbit (Clover) who inhabits the royal grounds and becomes her constant companion. The journey from commoner to royalty isn't always a smooth excursion, but with patience, integrity and most importantly, grace, Sofia soon learns that having a title isn't as important as having true friends.

Sara Ramirez, Tim Gunn, Ariel Winter and Wayne Brady provide the voices of the primary characters.

Genre: Animated Fantasy

Disney Movie Rating:

71.66 out of 100. Total of 212 votes.

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