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Disney's Son of Flubber

Son of Flubber

| 100 min | Wednesday, January 16, 1963

Cast: Fred MacMurray, Nancy Olson and Keenan Wynn

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  • Movie Description

    Fred MacMurray returns to the laboratory as Professor Ned Brainard in the 1963 Disney comedy, Son of Flubber. This time he's developed a gas from his earlier discovery, flubber. Allegedly, the substance can manipulate the weather, which naturally piques the interest of the Pentagon, further complicating things. The "gas" also intrigues the coach of the football team, and he utilizes a "flubberized" football to help defeat Medfield's rival in the "big game."

    Son of Flubber is a sequel to the first visit to good 'ole Medfield College, The Absent Minded Professor, the first sequel ever produced by the Disney Studios.

    MacMurray was apparently born for this role, as it's difficult to imagine any other actor as the good Professor. Vera Miles as his wife is sufficiently "wifely," while Nancy Olson as an old flame of the Professor, is wholesomely seductive. Father-son team Ed and Keenan Wynn also appear, with cameos by Paul Lynde and Ed Sullivan.

    Genre: Comedy Science Fiction

    Disney Movie Rating:

    75.73 out of 100. Total of 24 votes.

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