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Disney's Space Buddies

Space Buddies

G | 84 min | Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cast: Jason Earles, Diedrich Bader, Amy Sedaris, and Lochlyn Munro

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  • Movie Description

    Join Disney's favorite canine friends as they embark on a spacetacular journey to the moon. When things in mission control go wrong, it is up to the Buddies to save the day. The Buddies and their new friends learn about teamwork and friendship as they must figure out a way to safely land on the moon and journey back home in this exciting endeavor. Watch to see if the Buddies are able to complete this mission or if Mr. Finkle's (voiced by Kevin Weisman) plan to sabotage the journey works.

    Genre: Adventure Blu-ray Dogs Fantasy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    63.37 out of 100. Total of 184 votes.

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