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Disney's Spooky Buddies

Spooky Buddies

G | 88 min | Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cast: Sierra McCormick, Elisa Donovan and Harland Williams

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  • Movie Description

    The newest installment in Disney's wildly popular and successful Air Buddies films is 2011's Spooky Buddies. Air Buddies is a spin-off from the also enthusiastically received Air Bud series of films, which featured a Golden Retriever named Buddy who becomes famous by excelling at a wide variety of sporting activities. The five Air Buddies are Buddy's "children."

    The Air Buddies have previously undergone adventures in space (Space Buddies), in Alaska (Snow Buddies), and have teamed up to come to Santa Claus' rescue (The Search For Santa Paws). In Spooky Buddies, the Buddies (B-Dawg, Budderball, Buddha, Mudbud and Rosebud) get involved in mysterious goings-on at a local haunted mansion. In order to save the world from the evil Warwick the Warlock, the Buddies embark on a Trick-or-Treat adventure which emphasizes the importance of teamwork and courage.

    Frankie Jonas, Tim Conway, Diedrich Baber and Debra Jo Rupp are among the actors voicing the Buddies.

    Genre: Blu-ray Dogs Fantasy Spooky

    Disney Movie Rating:

    73.18 out of 100. Total of 120 votes.

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