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Disney's Ten Who Dared

Ten Who Dared

NR | 92 min | Tuesday, November 1, 1960

Cast: Brian Keith, John Beal, James Drury

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  • Movie Description

    Based on the real story of John Wesley Powell, a United States Army officer who was the first to explore up the Colorado River with nine others in order to survey and map the region, Ten Who Dared was a 1960 Disney film. The film wasn't well received initially, but criticism has lessened considerably over the decades.

    In 1869, ten Civil War veterans, led by Major Powell, who had lost an arm in the war, undertook a long and danger-filled expedition through the Grand Canyon via the raging Colorado River. Dangerous wild animals, scarcity of food and supplies, deadly and treacherous river rapids, and eventually attempted mutiny are just a few of the dangers the party is faced with. Lasting 99 days and over a thousand miles, the journey is a non-stop adventure. In the end, only six of the original ten make it out alive to tell the story of this post-Civil War adventure.

    Genre: Adventure Western

    Disney Movie Rating:

    64.74 out of 100. Total of 19 votes.

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