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Disney's Incredibles, The

Incredibles, The

PG 18 | 115 min | Friday, November 5, 2004

Cast: Craig T, Nelson(voice), Holly Hunter(voice), Samuel L. Jackson(voice), Jason Lee(voice)

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  • Movie Description

    Mr. and Mrs. Parr, also known as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, gave up their crime fighting careers as superheros to raise a family under the long arm of the government protection program. Life as an every day citizen was great for Mrs. Parr, but Mr. Parr longed for his glory days as a superhero. When temptation gets the best of Mr. Incredible, can Elastigirl and the rest of the Incredible clan save him?

    Genre: Action Adventure Animated Blu-ray Pixar

    Disney Movie Rating:

    85.61 out of 100. Total of 1088 votes.

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