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Disney's Other Me, The

Other Me, The

G | 90 min | Tuesday, August 8, 2000

Cast: Andrew Lawrence, Mark L. Taylor and Lori Hallier

Movie Description

Featuring a standout performance by Andrew Lawrence, the Disney Channel Original Movie, The Other Me, tackles the slippery slope of human cloning in an entertaining, intelligent manner.

13-year old Will (Lawrence) is a typical, underachieving teenager who can't seem to reconcile his smarts with his (lack of) ambition. On a whim, he sends in an order for "Ocean Pups," supposedly harmless fish eggs that turn out to contain a cloning solution that evidently works on humans. With a little DNA added, Will quite unintentionally creates an exact clone of himself.

The clone goes to school and becomes not only one of the brightest students, but his sweet, innocent manner also makes him ultra-popular.

Lawrence's performance as two characters is amazing at times, frequently causing the viewer to have to remind themselves that one actor is pulling off both roles. The other youthful cast members, including Brenden Jefferson, Tyler Hynes and Sarah Gordon, are also up to the task.

Genre: Comedy Disney Channel Science Fiction

Disney Movie Rating:

76.09 out of 100. Total of 85 votes.

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