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Disney's Third Man on the Mountain

Third Man on the Mountain

G | 105 min | Tuesday, November 10, 1959

Cast: Michael Rennie, James MacArthur and Janet Munro

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  • Movie Description

    Adapted from the novel "Banner in the Sky" by James Ramsay Ullman, the 1959 Walt Disney production of Third Man On the Mountain is a wholesome outdoors adventure starring Michael Rennie and James MacArthur. The film recounts the story of a young Swiss boy (MacArthur) attempting to climb the same mountain that claimed his father's life. Filmed in Switzerland, Third Man On the Mountain features breath-taking scenery, especially the shots of the majestic peaks against the backdrop of the greenery below.

    Guided by a doubting but respected British mountaineer (Rennie), the young boy early on demonstrates his worthiness by rescuing the veteran climber from certain death on the mountain. At times almost dizzying and nerve-wracking, the extreme physical requirements of their efforts are displayed realistically, leaving viewers exhausted by movie's end.

    Directed crisply by veteran Disney favorite Ken Annakin, the film also features an uncredited cameo appearance by screen legend Helen Hayes, MacArthur's real-life adopted mother.

    Genre: Adventure Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    74.85 out of 100. Total of 28 votes.

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