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Disney's Three Lives of Thomasina, The

Three Lives of Thomasina, The

NR | 97 min | Thursday, June 4, 1964

Cast: Patrick McGoohan, Susan Hampshire and Laurence Naismith

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  • Movie Description

    The old adage, "a cat has nine lives" is put to the test in the 1964 British-American Disney collaboration of The Three Lives of Thomasina. Adapted from Paul Gallico's 1957 novel, Thomasina, The Cat Who Thought She Was God, the film is a fantasy revolving around a most unusual feline.

    Patrick McGoohan, as a questioning veterinarian, and Dotrice, his daughter, are faced with the dilemma of an apparently mortally injured cat. The father has the animal euthanized, much to the daughter's displeasure. However, Thomasina is brought back to life by a mysterious "woodswoman" (Hampshire), who then raises the cat in her "second" life.

    Circumstances bring the three main characters together eventually, despite initial reluctance, and along with the now rejuvenated cat, forge a life together, Thomasina's "third."

    Thomasina is charming and understated, understandably popular with pre-teen girls, but the superb acting and concise direction (Don Chaffey) will leave older viewers entertained as well.

    Genre: Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    82.13 out of 100. Total of 60 votes.

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