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Disney's Tiger Town

Tiger Town

NR | 95 min | Sunday, October 9, 1983

Cast: Roy Scheider, Justin Henry

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  • Movie Description

    The Disney Channel's very first made-for-TV movie was Tiger Town, a sports drama starring Roy Scheider and Justin Henry. Baseball's Detroit Tigers are featured, and the film was written and directed by Alan Shapiro, a Detroit native.

    Scheider portrays Billy Young, a one-time star, but his skills are quickly eroding in what is to be his final big-league season. One of Young's most devoted fans, young Alex (Henry) regularly attends Tiger games with his father, but the father suddenly and unexpectedly dies, his last words to his son being "always believe."

    Taking those words to heart, Alex decides to attend every Tiger home game, and discovers that his father's dying mantra has magical abilities, especially when it comes to Billy Young, who goes off on a tear, leading the team to the top of the standings. Unfortunately, the team, without Alex's assistance, plays poorly on the road.

    The final game of the season will determine the pennant winner, but when Alex is confronted by bullies who steal his ticket, the situation appears bleak for the home team.

    Detroit sports legends Sparky Anderson, Ernie Harwell, Ray Lane and Al Ackerman make cameo appearances in Tiger Town.

    Genre: Disney Channel Drama Sports

    Disney Movie Rating:

    74.85 out of 100. Total of 96 votes.

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