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Disney's Tiger Walks, A

Tiger Walks, A

NR | 91 min | Thursday, March 12, 1964

Cast: Brian Keith, Vera Miles and Pamela Franklin

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  • Movie Description

    An unusual film out of the Disney stable, 1964's A Tiger Walks, with Brian Keith as a small-town sheriff faced with an escaped tiger within his district. His daughter wages a campaign to try and capture the animal, making the story a national item. The governor, meanwhile, wants no part of playing zookeeper and issues orders for the National Guard to shoot the tiger on sight.

    The sheriff enlists the help of a circus employee (Sabu, in his last film appearance), and they manage to capture and place the tiger into a zoo.

    A Tiger Walks delves into areas Disney normally avoids, mainly politics and psychological cause and effect. Still, it's entertaining, and has a different "feel" to it than the viewer may be anticipating.

    Keith is at his best as the embattled sheriff, while Pamela Franklin as the daughter is convincing as she mounts her crusade. Director Norman Tokar, veteran of more than a dozen Disney productions, handles the "unorthodox" material deftly.

    Genre: Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    70.09 out of 100. Total of 18 votes.

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