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Disney's Toby Tyler

Toby Tyler

G | 96 min | Thursday, January 21, 1960

Cast: Kevin Corcoran, Henry Calvin, Gene Sheldon, Bob Sweeney, Richard Eastham

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  • Movie Description

    Often called the "best circus movie ever made", Disney's Toby Tyler, based on an 1880 children's book "Ten Weeks With a Circus" by James Otis Kaler, is a guaranteed favorite regardless of the viewer's age or background. 

    Toby, an orphan living with his loving aunt and heartless uncle, runs away to join the circus after a big blow-up with the uncle. Toby meets a rather eccentric cast of characters, falling in with a chimpanzee, Mr. Stubbs, and Ben, an old circus jack-of-all-trades. Toby's adversary is Harry Tupper, an unscrupulous candy vendor, who insists that Toby's aunt and uncle have no use for him and don't want him back. Crushed, Toby throws himself fully into circus life, determined to make his aunt and uncle sorry for not caring. With the help of the charming Mr. Stubbs and the encouragement of Ben, Toby realizes that Harry Tupper lied to him. Toby makes his way back home to a happy reunion.

    Genre: Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    83.98 out of 100. Total of 50 votes.

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