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Disney's Treasure Buddies

Treasure Buddies

G | 92 min | Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cast: Tucker Albrizzi, Adam Alexi-Malle and Tim Conway

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  • Movie Description

    Budderball, Buddha, Mudbud, Rosebud and B-Dawg, along with their buddies, are the stars of Walt Disney Studios' production of Treasure Buddies, the sixth installment in the popular Air Buddies series featuring the lovable Golden Retriever gang.

    The Air Buds travel to Egypt in this installment, and their objective is to locate and retrieve the legendary "Collar of Cleocatra." As to be expected, the gang meets up with an unlikely group of characters on their quest, including an archaelogist dog named Digger, a baby camel named Cammy, and an adorable, yet mischievous monkey named Babi. The Air Buds main protagonist is an unscrupulous cat with designs of her own for the treasure, while booby traps, forbidden caves and ancient tombs are around each corner.

    Director Robert Vince specializes in films featuring athletic animals, with similar directorial stints being The Search For Santa Paws, Chestnut: Hero Of Central Park, and other installments in the Air Buddies series such as Air Buddies, Santa Buddies, Seventh Inning Fetch, Snow Buddies and Space Buddies.

    Genre: Blu-ray Comedy Dogs

    Disney Movie Rating:

    62.55 out of 100. Total of 117 votes.

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